*Public Comments Needed on Coal Processing Plant on Ogden Road*

The public has until Dec. 21, 2012, to issue comments and concerns to the Tennessee Division of Air Pollution Control concerning the proposed coal processing plant on Ogden Road. Click here for more information.

Current status of coal mining in Rhea County

Iron Properties is in the process of obtaining permits for two underground coal mines, one in Cranmore Cove and the other on Dayton Mountain. The Office of Surface Mining is issuing deficiency letters based on the applications, then Iron Properties answers questions and makes changes to the applications. The permits are necessary to do any work on the property that "facilitates mining." If you witness any work that facilitates mining, please call Earl Bandy Jr., field office director at the Surface of Office Mining, at 865-545-4103 or ebandy@osmre.gov to voice your concerns.

*Attention all residents in the proposed mining area*

You should begin documenting all structures on your property with photographs and/or video. If any damage from subsidence or blasting occurs, the burden of proof is on the property owner. In addition, you need to have any on-property sources of usable water such wells, springs, and livestock ponds tested for quality and composition before mining begins.

If you are unsure if you are in the proposed mining zone, you may search for your address in the following pdfs:
Map of Security Mine's proposed mining area (2 MB)
List of addresses for structures within Security Mine's proposed mining area (3 MB)
Map of Liberty Mine's proposed mining area (4.3 MB)
List of addresses for structures within Liberty Mine's proposed mining area (2.8 MB)
(You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader to view the files here)

This information was taken from Iron Properties' applications, so it may be incomplete. Please check the permit applications in County Executive George Thacker's office on the second floor of the Rhea County Annex building (back of Regions Bank) for the most updated information.

For additional information for homeowners about underground coal mining and subsidence, please consult the following brochure from the State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources and ISGS.

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